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One-L agitates for Impeachment of The Kenyan Usurper for NOT implementing Obamacare per the law. You cannot make up this stuff.

  • Fundraising! –
    Liz Cheney has a winning smile.

    Liz Cheney has a winning smile.

    The Cowboy PAC is helping long-time Virginia resident Liz Cheney fight the perception that she is an outsider, carpet-bagging Senate candidate running in Wyoming, by having a $10,000 per plate fundraising dinner in Washington DC where her father Blam-Blam will be the headliner. Remember, Liz Cheney is barred by law from coordinating with the group. Somewhere SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts is smiling. (Livewire)
  • Offended! – The RNC is offended—offended I tells ya!—that the White House is marketing Obamacare to young people:

    “The White House is trying to woo young people as it scrambles to reboot the re-launch of the rebrand of ObamaCare. Millennials are seeing the negative impacts of ObamaCare, especially rising costs, and the White House wants a distraction. But this isn’t a seat at the table. It’s a seat at the kids’ table. The White House has shown little regard for the Millennial generation—and a photo op disguised as a ‘summit’ isn’t going to change that.”

    Why aren’t young people offended? It’s offensive to those youthful, marriage-equality denying, women’s-right denying, climate-change denying, Pat Boone-listening, elephants. (Livewire)

  • Remainder Bins –
    Mooselini salutes her fans.

    Mooselini salutes her fans.

    Mooselini’s book, Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas is being out-sold by Rob Delany’s book, Rob Delaney: Mother. Wife. Sister. Human. Warrior. Falcon. Yardstick. Turban. Cabbage., which only goes to show what happens when wingnut welfare is turned off. (Politics USA)
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2 Responses to News Briefs

  1. PIssed in NYC says:

    It’s eerie how much Liz looks like her mother when she smiles.


  2. C Montgomery Burns says:

    But Rob Delany’s book doesn’t have as many penises in it as $nowball $nooik’s does.

    And wow, does Delany’s book talk about dick a lot. But at least it’s not another color by numbers…Oh that’s too easy.

    And on the subject of Dick…Someone at A & E or Lifetime or Animal Planet or better yet Comedy Central give Darth and his family their own teevee show. Pleeeeezzzeee. After all, Zombie show’s are all the rage.


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