In which Schumer makes me want to pound my head into a wall


Besides his usual hippie-punching, Wall Street fan boi and infamous water carrier Chuck Schumer displays his usual unbridled contempt for what should be the democratic base in this interview with Isaac Chotiner of The New Republic (emphasis mine):

IC: You and Mayor Bloomberg, in 2007, said that reregulating Wall Street would cause people to flee overseas to London. That is very different than [the position of Senator Elizabeth] Warren.

CS: It has got to be, to me, a careful balance, OK? Wall Street excesses helped lead to the Great Recession. And to sit there and do nothing, or do what the Republicans want—repeal Dodd-Frank—makes no sense. But on the other hand, I think that you just don’t attack Wall Street because they’re successful or rich.

I just unsuccessfully, with Bloomberg, supported raising the building height in midtown Manhattan, so we could build more office buildings. Office buildings are our factories—imagine the people of Michigan saying, “We don’t want to build a new auto factory, because the Ford family will get richer, or the person who builds the factory will make money.” You’ve got to look at the effect on average folks. The vast majority of the people employed by Wall Street are the secretary who goes in to work on the Long Island Rail Road, who makes fifty, sixty, seventy thousand dollars a year. I’m not saying Elizabeth does this, but there are some on the far left who just have a visceral hatred of Wall Street. It’s counterproductive.

IC: You don’t think Elizabeth Warren makes a villain out of Wall Street?

CS: I am just going to leave it at what I said.

IC: Forget Warren then. Is this a problem for your party?

CS: You don’t want to go after them for the sake of going after them. The left-wing blogs want you to be completely and always anti–Wall Street. It’s not the right way to be.

IC: So are the left-wing blogs as bad as the Tea Party ones in this case?

CS: Left-wing blogs are the mirror image. They just have less credibility and less clout.

Chuck, can we talk?

I don’t expect Dims to be “completely and always anti-Wall Street.” I expect Dims to regulate Wall Street.

I expect Dims to care that white-collar criminals go unpunished for their economy-destroying money-grubbing thievery.

I expect Dims to be concerned about inequality—including inequality of wealth and opportunity.

I expect Dims to talk about golden parachutes for executive as they bankrupt their corporations, off-shore jobs and abscond with the loot.

I expect Dims to work to make a living minimum wage the law of the land.

I expect Dims to want Wall Street to pay their fair share especially since they have had a nearly 40-year run of paying little to nothing on their ill-gotten gains.

I don’t hate Wall Street and their enablers because they are successful. I hate them because they destroyed the global economy and ruined tens of millions of peoples’ lives, destroyed their retirements, and put nearly everyone onto a path of less expectations than their parents had. They killed the so-called American dream, and Chuck? You helped them.

It’s you I hate Chuck. You are the problem, Wall Street is a symptom.

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4 Responses to In which Schumer makes me want to pound my head into a wall

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  2. grs says:

    Got it. Not allowing taller buildings = regulating Wall Street = bad for America.


  3. PIssed in NYC says:

    Schumer has power b/c he can deliver hedge fund money to the dems. And he’s why the carried interest provisions are untouched. He’s a shameless whore and I hope we can kick his fat whore ass to the curb in the next election.


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