Put a lid on it

Petunia II is definitely gonna fit right in.

Anyway, to get to the heart of the matter, the hat company that provides the female hats went bankrupt. The Marines need a new supplier for the ladies hats, which are the only ones that are changing.

So the totally gay metrosexual Kenyan Usurper (secretly married to his college room mate in a Sharia-law gay wedding) wasn’t spending his days doodling new girly uniforms for his gay stormtroopers when he otherthrows the gubmint and puts us all in FEMA camps waiting for our turn before the Obamacare Death Panels? Well, not today, I guess.

(Media Matters)

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8 Responses to Put a lid on it

  1. Roket says:

    Jessie Jane Duff feels that female marines should stand out and not blend in. Here are a couple of suggestions and if Jessie Jane Duff doesn’t like them, well, she can just go to hell.


  2. C Montgomery Burns says:

    Still waiting in that death panel thing.
    Or did $nowball $nooki lie to us again??


  3. Petunia II is definitely gonna fit right in.

    Nuh-uh. Fox needs a little more panty flash action there, Petunia.


  4. reamus says:

    I(s this as impressively screwed up as I think it is. Glad I never had her for a Gunney…a true ASSHAT. Last I looked at Camp Pendelton, the wimmin bucket covers were fine. Also too I heard all Marines were big bad fighting machine. is what they wear on there heads at parade gonna change that

    She does sound like a Marine though, gotta give her that.


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