A Message From Our Prisoners

(Raw Story) Someone at the National Weather Service’s Alaska bureau has a message for those who have shut down the government: “PLEASE PAY US.”

I guess this is what happens when your worthless, solicalist job is considered essential by the hostage takers, so you still are working though unpaid.

(Raw Story)

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4 Responses to A Message From Our Prisoners

  1. jurassicpork says:

    Just five days after #94 came screaming out of Left Blogtopia, Assclowns of the Week #95: Monumental Stupidity double-sized edition is hot off the presses. You read that right, a double-sized edition. Out of the 20 spots and dishonorable mention this week, the assclowns on this week’s spit are: Half-term half-wit Sarah Palin; Pat Robertson; Faux News; Darrell Issa and yours truly (17). All this and much, much more!


  2. But how can your story be true? Daily Caller and National Review and Free Republic and EVERYBODY said if you went to work for free you would be arrested, at least if you were a Roman Catholic contract chaplain for the armed services. Obviously these National Weather Service stooges must be MOOOSLINS and are probably giving out false information anyway to make it look like the Arctic is not melting.


  3. Or like the Arctic IS melting. Whichever the conservative thing for it to do would be.


  4. Dimitrios says:

    No pay for an essential job, I guess that how the invisible hand of the marketplace flips one an all too visible bird.


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