I bet they find it…

…in Noonan’s bedside drawer, next to the lube (but I’m only guessing):


WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Police were searching on Wednesday for a vandal who damaged a bronze statue of Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II in the Polish city of Gdansk by cutting off one arm of the former U.S. president and stealing it.

(TPM via Scissorhead WagonJak)

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6 Responses to I bet they find it…

  1. Bruce388 says:

    A cold, bronze appendage might not fire up the Nooner as much as St. Ronnie’s hand, complete with the shakes, but it’ll have to do.


  2. moeman says:

    Best MPS headline, ever.


  3. HarpoSnarx says:

    Somewhere in Bel Air, an old, old, old woman in red swoons dramatically.


  4. bearsense says:

    Notice, they cut off the LEFT arm.


  5. Dimitrios says:

    Had I the chance, I would have sliced a large bit off the the top of St. Ronnie’s head and drilled a hole in his pants at the crotch. That way, when the statue filled with rain past the half-way point, it would begin to trickle down. Then one of Raygun’s economic theories would have finally held water … well not held .. of you know what I mean.


  6. phoelyx says:

    Noonington is drinking Mai Tais out of it right now.


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