What if You Held a Conspiracy Rally…

…and nobody came? Think Progress reports:

“There should be more people here, it’s a conspiracy I tells ya! A conspiracy…”

WASHINGTON, DC — The first anniversary of the Benghazi tragedy was supposed to be the time for conservatives around the country to descend on the Capitol by the thousands, demanding that Congress reveal the truth. Less than one hundred bothered to show up.

They had that many?

At the 12:30 PM start time for the rally, though, there wasn’t very much rallying going on. Instead, there were only a handful of people gathered near the open lawn that was meant to be barely containing thousands of supporters. Many of them were hiding from the ninety-five degree weather in the shade, jostling to have their picture taken with former Rep. Alan West (R-FL) who was there for an earlier event.

Allen West wasn’t even there for the rally? He just stumbled by?

Even among those near the rallying point, not everyone present was even there for the rally itself. Several standing on the curb of the nearby traffic circle were there to support the thousands of motorcyclists who had intended to drive by en masse as a counter to a protest of how Muslim-Americans have been treated since 2001.

So what is the sound of an empty rally?

Once the rally finally got under way, the true number of those present was revealed, showing themselves to be less than a hundred total. That didn’t stop the speakers from trying to get the crowd riled up, asking them what they thought of claims that Benghazi was a “phony scandal.” “Obama’s a phony president!” one crowd member yelled back in response, his lone voice highlighting just how quiet what was meant to be a massive rally was.

UPDATE: I must be a low-information reader, because I forgot to highlight the best part: the Conspiracy. This is the Rosetta Stone of why Wingnuttia wants to investigage benghazi Benghazi BENGHAZI:

“How did they know that it wasn’t going to last that long?” [Sheril Swanson] asked when speaking to ThinkProgress. “How did they know that? That’s all they kept saying, they didn’t have enough time to send help? They were being attacked, they were being brutally murdered.”

Swanson does have a theory, though, about why help wasn’t sent: it was an inside job. “That tells me that they were involved,” she confided, referring to the withdrawal of security forces from the Benghazi annex. “I believe that guns were being run to Syria through Benghazi, I think the heat was coming down and our administration was ready to end our arms transfer, and the attack was scheduled.”

It was an inside job. The Kenyan Usurper did it.

(Full disclosure: I went to High School with the late ambassador Chris Stevens, so yes, this is kinda personal.)

(Think Progress)

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3 Responses to What if You Held a Conspiracy Rally…

  1. C Montgomery Burns says:

    I love how R-hack West just happened to stumble by. I bet he tried to charge to get his photo taken.
    Like all teabaggers who hate government yet have to be apart of it, the become crack heads when out of office and the spotlight is no longer on them. Well that and a regular paycheck, free healthcare and a public pension.


  2. reamus says:

    West lives on the Mall, has since he lost. These dudes probably woke him up.


  3. At least they all got participation trophies.


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