Bad Ideas, cont.


This is the kind of thing that I would have invented as a 12-year old. Actually, that makes it kinda cool.

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Mr. C. Montgomery Burns)

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12 Responses to Bad Ideas, cont.

  1. lea-p says:

    “Featuring The Industry’s Only Quick-Release Attachment Arm!” Wow. There was/is a whole industry around this great tool?? Also, too, the Kleen Stride™®© has a 25% wider path! (Than what? A raccoon’s butt?)


  2. is there a big market for sculpted calves? who needs sculptures of baby cows?


  3. Pissed in NYC says:

    Um, in what way is it “great for back pain sufferers?” B/c I don’t see it.


  4. Bruce388 says:

    The industry’s only quick release arm??? Sign me up.


  5. RobGinChicago says:

    Duh, of course it’s a two pack, a one pack would just be ridiculous…

    Now this shit would only work if you were shuffling along. If you pick up your feet when you walk, it would just look stupid…

    Even if you were just shuffling along, every time you pick up your foot to move it forward, you would leave a little pile of debris for someone else to step in…

    Why not run a catheter tube down his leg so he can also spray the sidewalk as he shuffles along…

    Hey, at least you won’t step in dog poop…

    Please remove stupid broom attachments before you try to run and catch that bus…

    Coming soon, a shovel attachment for snow shoveling, and a rotary blade for grass cutting (and hedge trimming, if you can jump), and a ten foot pole for awkward social encounters…


  6. Nangleator says:

    No wonder Mexicans get so much grief for cantaloupe-sized calves! This must sell big south of the border!


  7. walking up steps would be kind of a trick.


  8. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Makes a great anniversary gift.


  9. Hmmm … pretty sure this is a product from The Onion.


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