Happy Birthday Peggy Noonan

Yeah, it’s old, but it is a classic.

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6 Responses to Happy Birthday Peggy Noonan

  1. bearsense says:

    I’ll drink to that. Of course lately I’m doing a lot of that.
    Too bad she couldn’t squash AW, eh ?


  2. I feel like I should have a cocktail.


  3. moeman says:

    She’s never removed the pearl necklace Ronnie Raygun gave her for her Bday.


  4. Blue Gal says:

    It’s always the Summer of Rum at her house.


  5. Mr DeBakey says:

    Lawn Signs!
    Lotsa, lotsa lawn signs!

    Forsalè for Mayor


  6. Pissed in NYC says:

    To confirm her age, they should cut her in half and count the rings, no?


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