Tiger Beat on the Potomac conjectures

For Democrats, there is no fallback: It’s Hillary Clinton or probably a long bout of depression ahead of 2016.

What if Batman decides to run? Well, Politico, what if?

God, it’s more than three years away and there’s loads of other candidates. Can we stop this nonsense now?


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0 Responses to Tiger Beat on the Potomac conjectures

  1. Hill is still using Mark Penn then, yes? Remember the “it’s inevitable” bullshit the first time. If Hillary Fucking Clinton is the best we can do, I’m going to look to see where I can live abroad. Honestly, between Obama being about ten times worse than I thought, bankers out of control, the elites rubbing shit in our faces….I’ve had enough.


  2. Dimitrios says:

    “… Democrats openly describe their surprise at seeing such consensus around a candidate so early …”

    And probably showed equal surprise at any fool asking that question 1,224 days before the election.


  3. Ah, Drudge 2.0.

    I was guessing The War Criminal Post.



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