Toy Soldiers

It is alarming when the Tea Party merges with the NRA, but that is where we are today.

Uber-teabagger talk radio personality Adam Kokesh (not Koresh, but so close it made me look more than twice) is agitating for a peaceful, yet fully-armed and loaded, unpermitted march on Washington DC, where openly carrying guns is against the law:

On the morning of July 4, 2013, Independence Day, we will muster at the National Cemetery & at noon we will step off to march across the Memorial Bridge, down Independence Avenue, around the Capitol, the Supreme Court, & the White House, then peacefully return to Virginia across the Memorial Bridge. This is an act of civil disobedience, not a permitted event. We will march with rifles loaded & slung across our backs to put the government on notice that we will not be intimidated & cower in submission to tyranny. We are marching to mark the high water mark of government & to turn the tide. This will be a non-violent event, unless the government chooses to make it violent. Should we meet physical resistance, we will peacefully turn back, having shown that free people are not welcome in Washington, & returning with the resolve that the politicians, bureaucrats, & enforcers of the federal government will not be welcome in the land of the free.

There’s a remote chance that there will be violence as there has been from government before, and I think it should be clear that if anyone involved in this event is approached respectfully by agents of the state, they will submit to arrest without resisting. We are truly saying in the SUBTLEST way possible that we would rather die on our feet than live on our knees.

Now, it just might be me, but it seems to me when you are calling for an armed force of 10,000 to march on any capitol city, the point is not for demonstration but for confrontation. It’s absurd to think of it as any thing other than provocative.

I admire the Libertarian sensibility of being pro-peace, it is where that political philosophy’s better angels sit. This does not strike me as Libertarian, though. How does one marshall a group of undisciplined, alleged patriots bearing loaded arms into what by definition will be an illegal activity into the capitol? How will this work out without having someone want to be a martyr?

Kokesh tweets:

When the government comes to take your guns, you can shoot government agents, or submit to slavery.— Adam Kokesh (@adamkokesh) May 3, 2013

As of this post, Kokesh has rallied nearly 1,000 people to his cause, so perhaps he cannot pull it off, but he still has a lot of time to rally his troops.

I do not see a way that this will end well.

(Crooks and Liars, Think Progress)

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0 Responses to Toy Soldiers

  1. tommyspoon says:

    Has he even been to DC on July 4? He won’t make it across the Memorial Bridge!


  2. Dimitrios says:

    I have a bad feeling about this. Kokesh was a corporal in the US Marine Corps Reserve. History has shown that the worst kinds of trouble are caused by corporals.


  3. RWW says:

    Doesn’t saying right up front that this is civil disobedience mean they should be prepared to be arrested and part of any such arrest is certainly going to involve being disarmed? Seems they want and expect The State to disarm them. They either are trying to pick a fight and foment violence or they are proving a completely meaningless point that people engaged in civil disobedience are arrested and disarmed in the process.


    • Tengrain says:

      To “Mock” –

      My policy is that I do not approve comments from people who give fake email addresses. I liked your comment, but if you don’t play by the rules, I’m not going to approve it.

      Please register with real information and make your comment.




  4. I see 1,000 people who look like Jim Porter, the new head of the NRA. Instead of rifles slung over their shoulders, more likely strapped to the side of their scooters. Good fucking luck.


  5. Another Kiwi says:

    This is trying to make trouble. About the best that could be hoped for is such a strong police presence that the march just goes off in silence. I was thinking that a whole lot of people who dislike this group could show up and line their march route but with their backs to the marchers? Be hard to get that many people activated.


  6. Dimitrios says:

    If you had them turn, drop trou, and flash them a big old moon, Kiwi, you’d probably get a bigger turnout, especially from the colleges.



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