Get off the cross, we need the wood

The trailer warns “If homosexual activists achieve their goal, it will be the criminalization of Christianity.” It goes on to claim that: ”Time and freedom are running out”, and that if ”gays win, Christians lose.”

Because no one is more discriminated against and put upon than the Xristian Xrazies.

It’s not a real movie trailer, look at the end, it is the default stuff from Apple’s iMovie software. RightWingWatch tells us that the last film project by Porter (in 2010), True 2 Life, never made it off the ground. Porter is the author of the book The Criminalization of Christianity, which was published in 2009. So… maybe she is trying again?

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0 Responses to Get off the cross, we need the wood

  1. Topjob66t says:

    I notice that TBA is very involved in the production of this clip. I tried to contact them with a little project I had in mind but their whereabouts is TBA and too far to travel.


  2. Kurt says:

    Cue the lions.


  3. moeman says:

    The headline cracked me up.


  4. Dimitrios says:

    Go ahead. Throw every misbegotten news images you can imagine into your bloody montage. Don’t let accuracy stop You.

    If there was one thing, more than another, which the Jerry Sandusky Scandal was not about, is was same sex marriage, for Christ’s sake!!!

    Nor for that matter, Christ, for Jerry’s sake.



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