MPS Remembers Hugo Chavez

(From a Tengrain Presents… from 2006)

But for a more dignified memorial, see what Jimmy Carter said.

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  1. lambchop says:

    That is dignified. Very different from the garbage spewin repugs, as if they have done any better by their country.


  2. I wonder who Obama will try to install now that Chavez is dead. You know they’ll try.


  3. Chavez was great about trolling the neocons, while supplying home heating oil to poor Americans. Jeeze Louise, the Bushies really had a hard-on for the guy.

    2.I wonder who Obama will try to install now that Chavez is dead. You know they’ll try.

    Yeah, they never learned a damn thing from the Iran debacle. Our ruling class really needs to stop killing people and stealing their stuff.


  4. Vilified by the American press and government for not sucking Big Oil’s cock, Hugo Chavez gave hope and a voice to the poor masses of his people. I’m not excusing his heavy-handed methods, just saying that he was WAY better than we’ve been lead to believe.

    This man rode through the streets of his cities sitting on the back of a seat in a convertible car, or in the back of a pick-up truck, unafraid of assassination because his people loved him. That hasn’t been possible here in The Land of the Free since the 1960’s, because, you know, we’re so morally superior, and all FREE and shit, that we assassinate our leaders whenever possible.

    I’m ashamed at the rejoicing our American Reicht is doing at this news, and hopeful that another committed socialist will replace him, despite the best efforts of our corporate-owned government.

    God rest and keep the soul of Hugo Chavez, a hero to his people and an exemplar of what courage looks like.


  5. Bruce388 says:

    There are reports Chavez slashed the poverty rate by 2/3. No wonder the wingnuts hate him.


  6. Dimitrios says:

    Against harsh opposition Chávez was a force for good in Venezuela, albeit, at times a heavy-handed one. However, when the wealthy class of one’s country conspires with foreign meddlers, perhaps heavy-handed is the only style which produces results — and Hugo Chávez did produce results.


  7. Padre Mickey says:

    I always suspected that Presidente Chávez was referring to Dubya’s tendency to pass gas in public.