Memories of shut-downs past

I wasn’t paying that much attention to the news the last time that the government shut down (when Newticles felt slighted about not getting off the front door of the plane), but one thing I do remember clearly is that on the evening news, the Weather Dude didn’t have any forecasts from the National Weather Bureau. So they let him just say stuff.

I remember that he was pissed off and he told everyone just to look out the window for themselves. “Going to Colorado?,” he asked, “then call someone there and ask them to look out the window for you.” One memorable moment he said the thing weather reporters are never supposed to say: “Tomorrow will probably be a lot like today.”

The station let him do human interest stories during the duration because: no weather info. He interviewed children–which became his ongoing gig even after the budget hostage concluded–many of whom were sobbing upset over disruptions like park closures and teacher layoffs.

Anyway, my point is that in ways large and small, we will all be affected by these cuts. The Overlords of Wingnuttia, who seem to live only inside the beltway, will probably be shocked when the phones start ringing from their angry mouth-breathing paste-eaters wanting their gun permits and whatnot, and their real constituents (big bidness) who will want to get their goods from China through customs.

So, what are your memories of the previous shut-downs? Do you think this will be like the ones in the Clinton Years?

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0 Responses to Memories of shut-downs past

  1. tommyspoon says:

    I was a govt contractor working for the DOJ when Clinton and Newt had their little set to. I sent them both an angry letter, then went on a lot of auditions and did some temp work. High point: got called back for the role of a copycat sniper on “Homicide”! Low point: worked in admin at Children’s Hospital National Medical Center in the finance department that was responsible for assessing the financial need of families. I had to edit letters turning families down for financial assistance. I wept on the bus ride home every night.


  2. Reamus says:

    Ah yes I remember it well, ran a govinmit hospital through the whole mess with no pay(for me) or for the help and lots f no interest loans for the MDs and RNs at the Credit Union.


  3. As I understand it though, this won’t be a full fledged shutdown like those times, but specified sections of the government have to make the spending reductions however they can. So it seems likely that things like gun permits and port processing will be drastically slowed down, but not shut down.


  4. Bottom line, the “Haves” will still have, so WTF do they care who suffers or goes without?



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