Finally, Science For My Generation

This ain’t your grandpa’s science! What do you get if you cross TMZ with a college alumni newsletter? Business Insider’s 50 Sexy Scientists! Because remember kids, you have to be the hawts to do the science. I’m a little saddened that Dr. Jenny McCarthy didn’t make the list.

Never mind that the author also claimed to have contacted and gotten permission from the people on the list, then people on the list contacted the author saying they weren’t contacted and wanted to be removed.

Bad science blogs are bad.

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0 Responses to Finally, Science For My Generation

  1. Tengrain says:

    Gotta love that sex sells.

    My favorite fun fact is from Ragnar Stroberg: “When he’s not in the lab, he’s probably cycling or home brewing. He also enjoys long walks on the beach, soft animals, and talking about his feelings.”






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