And now, Michelle Malkin dancing

Sweet Jeebus.

And Wingnuttia takes her seriously?

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0 Responses to And now, Michelle Malkin dancing

  1. FWIW, it’s a takeoff on Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama doing a video called “Evolution of Mom Dancing”. Except that that one is funny, and Fallon and Obama actually have some physical grace. is the wig because Jimmy Fallon wore a wig? But that was because, you know, he’s a GUY. Who knows what the sunglasses are about. Perhaps she was going for the Marcie fetishists.

    Also, framing. Look, if you want to do a video about dancing, perhaps show the FEET?

    But….”Fly like a Menendez”? Is that a thing? why is there a link from liberals to Menendez? Michelle, perhaps you might also want to re-think the “Golfing Man” bit. Bush was known for golfing. A LOT. Remember “Watch this drive”? And I didn’t watch the whole thing, but have a strong hunch that there is a teleprompter bit in there somewhere.


  2. Bruce388 says:

    See, the golfing works because Repugs wouldn’t be caught dead on a golf course.


  3. I don’t know if Wingnuttia takes her seriously, I think that she’s spank-fodder for wingnuts with a specific fetish.


  4. gumby says:

    Remember this?

    Tengrain was here!


  5. Capt. Bat Guano says:

    Fucking moran doesn’t even know that the Prius is a hybrid not full on electric. And what is so evil about a Prius anyway? I guess cars that don’t guzzle gas are bad.


  6. grs says:

    Ah geez, that’s comedy gold. I don’t know what you guys are complaining about. This is what will draw young people to the GOP. It’s so hip and edgy.


  7. Randall says:

    I notice she didn’t do the ANCHOR BABY.


  8. I steeled my will and watched all the way through. I am disappoint that she didn’t do the Teleprompter. Perhaps she couldn’t figure out a way to mime reading.

    In any case, Jimmy Fallon makes a more believable woman than Michelle Malkin.


  9. Also, Steve Jobs is going to fry in hell for creating iMovie, just based on that.


  10. Reamus says:

    This is why we drink Shlitz all winter….



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