Fiendish Dims Use Time Machine To Trap Guilless Wingnuts

This must be the most stupid analysis yet from the most intellectually dishonest rest stop on the information super-highway (The NRO):

Welcome to the scorched-earth phase of the Democrats’ “war on women” campaign, and the beginning of a ruthless offensive to hold their Senate majority, and possibly to retake the House, in 2014.

Democrats have nearly perfected the following exercise in cynical electioneering:

  1. introduce legislation;
  2. title it something that appeals to the vast majority of Americans who have no interest in learning what is actually in the bill, e.g., the “Violence Against Women Act”;
  3. make sure it is sufficiently noxious to the GOP that few Republicans will support it;
  4. vote, and await headlines such as “[GOP Lawmaker] Votes No On Violence Against Women Act”;
  5. clip and use headline in 30-second campaign ad; and
  6. repeat.

Those Bastids! How dare they fiendishly start this plot rolling in 1994 and have it sail through the house renewed by vast bipartisan majorities every congress ever since?!

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0 Responses to Fiendish Dims Use Time Machine To Trap Guilless Wingnuts

  1. kctomato says:

    NRO – project much?


  2. Gosh, the Republicans would never use the title of legislation as a political wedge. WHAT PATRIOT ACT??!?!?


  3. Dimitrios says:

    “It tain’t fair tattling to the voters about all the dirty, foul, offensive, obscene, heinous, harmful, loathsome, despicable things we do in Washington. And using them against us during an election is downright unchristian.”


  4. Bruce388 says:




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