Teabagger Challenger for Mitch McConnell?

It looks like be-wattled and chinless Mitch McConnell will have a challenger to his right, after all:

Senate Majority Leader[sic – really?!] Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) could see a primary challenge from local businessman Matt Bevin, who sources say is reaching out to Tea Party groups in the state to gauge support for a 2014 Senate run.

Bevin is the owner of Bevin Brothers Manufacturing, a Connecticut bell-making company founded 160 years ago. He previously worked as CEO of Integrity Asset Management, an investment management firm with offices in Kentucky.

His personal wealth would be an advantage running against McConnell, who has more than $7 million cash on hand and is is actively fundraising in preparation for 2014.

A recent survey from Democratic firm Public Policy Polling revealed [McConnell] to be the least popular senator in the nation, and a poll from Republican firm Harper Polling showed one prominent potential Democratic contender, actress Ashley Judd, just nine percentage points behind him.

The Teabaggers are the Frankenstein monster, attacking their creator. This is going to be fun to watch, but in the short run, expect ol’ Mitch to go hard right (à la Lindsey Graham) to butch it up to the mouth-breathing paste-eaters in his old Kentucky home.

(The Hill)

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0 Responses to Teabagger Challenger for Mitch McConnell?

  1. djcinsb says:

    “Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell”

    Guess I wasn’t looking when the Rs became the Senate majority.


  2. Dimitrios says:

    Most Republicans and all Teabag Patriots are ding-a-lings, but as the owner of a actual bell foundry, Matt Bevin, along with the Koch Brothers, could actually be considered a ding-a-ling creator.


  3. Reamus says:

    Did your editor die to, Ten? Jesus, scared me to death when I saw the “Majority.” Do you mean there is some ass rocket out there in “Keeentuckee” that has actually found room to get to the right of the Turtle?
    I am forever amazed////


  4. If Ashley Judd wins a senate seat, expect CSPAN ratings to shoot through the roof.


  5. moeman says:

    Who the fuck still buys bells? Belles I can understand but bell making in 2013?


  6. Bruce388 says:

    A couple of friends got opposite married in 1985 and there was a group of people with bells for music. They were good.


  7. Astonishing, this is. As if Wattles wasn’t crazy enough already!



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