CPAC: Win-Win!


Scene from a previous CPAC cosplay

So it’s official: paranoid gun-licking insane person Wayne LaPierre, Ralph Reed, Jack Abramoff’s glabrous grifting pool boy, and the notable conspiracy theorist (the nonexistent “Friends of Hamas”) smear impresario Ben Shapiro are invited to the annual Wingnuttian festival of hate, but gay conservative group GOProud was told to pound the pavement because: “Gay”.

So right there you have everything you need to know about CPAC: Guns, God, and no Gays. How’s that rebranding working for you boys?

Anyway, you can see the entire schedule here. My favorite session to imagine is entitled “The Future of the Movement: Winning withGeneration X/Y” which I’m sure will have living fossils like Phyllis Schlafly and the exhumed remains of Saint Ronnie on display; perhaps in a diorama with Jeebus and a dinosaur? Maybe Marco “Big Gulp” Rubio will spin some Tupac.

(Politics USA)

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0 Responses to CPAC: Win-Win!

  1. Topjob66t says:

    Is that Schlafly gazing lovingly at the gimps crotchety area? Ha!


  2. GOPride doesn’t have to have a presence at CPAC because Top Conservatives on Grindr will be there in full force.


  3. Bruce388 says:

    The crotch gazer/luster after appears to be Peggy Nooner, I mean, Noonan.


  4. willis says:

    I wonder if Palin can “see it” from her front porch?


  5. “So right there you have everything you need to know about CPAC: Guns, God, and no Gays.” Oh, they’ll be gays there alright, because otherwise how will all the mens be entertained? Phyllis couldn’t give it away if she tried.



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