Hagel Nomination: The South is Proud of their Crazy People

OK, I just learned that the ungodly crazy Southern triumvirate of , Graham, Ihofe, and Cruz have effectively filibustered the nomination of former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel to be the next Secretary of Defense.

Once again, I find myself asking Harry Reid how that filibuster reform thingy is working for him?

Now, we all know that Senatorette Miss Lindsey (R-Closet) is frightened of being primaried from her right and so she is trying to butch it up for the mouth-breathers back at the home office of Crazy, Inc. Remember, she is the one who has famously said that elections have consequences and has never voted against a presidential appointment because she philosophically thinks the President should have the cabinet he wants. Except now.

Inhofe is, as we all know, nuts; a bad pilot who does not believe in rules applying to him, and in the pocket of oil interests, which is the basis for his anti-science climate change denialism. I’m not entirely sure what his motivation is here, but he’s nuts.

And Cruz is a new player on the scene. I suspect he wants a scalp early in his career to dangle in front of the teabaggers back home. He is often described as being ambitious and intelligent, which is really a dangerous combination, especially when he is clearly unprincipled, too.

We can analyze the tea leaves all day long, but effectively, there is no justification for filibustering a nominee for Secretary of Defense. It is the first time in US History that this has happened, and it happened with a Republican being filibustered by the Republicans. We live in strange times.

(Politico and Salon)

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0 Responses to Hagel Nomination: The South is Proud of their Crazy People

  1. I was driving home from work, listening to this story. All I could think is that the apocalypse must be near. Every time I think of this story I think about a black, Democratic president nominating a military veteran and Republican to be SoD and the GOP fights this?

    Excuse me, my head is exploding.


  2. Roket says:

    Will there be unintended consequences? For example, how will this affect military morale now that the dreams of an enlisted man becoming Secretary of Defense has been dashed on the rocks of Tea Party Stupid.


  3. Reamus says:

    You want unintended consequences? How about no more contracts DOD in Miss Lindsey’s state, Imofe sees the last of the bombers at Tinker, and Cruz becomes a one man nut job with no Texas contracts either. Try that on them Harry, you stupid douche, maybe then they’ll let stop drooling out of their butts.


  4. Tom Ross says:

    Sweet Jebus, Math does not count, a majority does not count, wounded repub non crazy can’t get a vote, sure coulda used that filibuster fix, how’s that handshake agreement between Harry and the Turtle working out? What you say badly!!! Who could have predicted…


  5. M. Bouffant says:

    I doubt that Cruz is “smart,” as we know it. Cunning might be a better word. Or “has a certain animal cunning.”



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