“They Deserve a Vote”

I’m only a pajama-clad, Cheeto-stained wretch in Mom’s Basement and not part of the Village. I know my opinion counts less than Harold Ford Jr., and that I will never be on This Week With a Greek Dwarf, Morning Schmoe, or Dancin’ with the Gregory.

All that said, my opinion on SOTU address is that if anything is remembered it will be that a sitting president had to actually remind/cajole/shame the fetus-fondling god-botherers to do their jobs. The call-response chant “They Deserve A Vote” was as much an indictment of Wingnuttian Obstructionism as it was a rallying cry for gun control.

I think this is also one for future historians: it was the moment where Obama officially, publicly gave up on his high-minded we-can-get-it-done-working-together beliefs of his first term. I think he realizes now that HE has to set the agenda, and not Wingnuttia.

Since the mid-term elections, he let the GOP vandals lob cinderblocks from the overpasses. It was a two-year long PSA for Austerity, and in the end, nothing was done. He never got his previous SOTU policy initiatives enacted, and that this fact of American life is like complaining that the sky is blue or John Boehner is orange.

But no more. Last night, with a more than 50% approval rating that towers over the single-digit GOP, Obama lobbed a cinderblock back at them: they must now either act on these popular policy initiatives, or explain why they won’t.

I’m not expecting much, but I’m pleased to see that Obama now seems to understand something we liberals understood going back, well, since forever. Wingnuttia is not your friend, they never will be. Trying to meet them half-way is only the cue for them to move the goalposts further away.

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0 Responses to “They Deserve a Vote”

  1. PissedinNYC says:

    I never believed that Obama really believes in this high-road crap. I think he realizes that he can’t pretend to believe it anymore without his diedhard base figuring it out.


  2. wagonjak says:

    Nice bit of writing TG….C



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