So How’s That Rebranding Working Out For Ya, GOP?

The Violence Against Women Act just passed the Senate, 78-22. All the no votes? Republican men.

The best part? Marco Rubio–the Savior of the Republican Party–voted against it. Have fun with that rebuttal tonight, Marco.

(Think Progress has the whole list.)

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0 Responses to So How’s That Rebranding Working Out For Ya, GOP?

  1. Roket says:

    Quick question. Will Ayn Rand Pauls rebuttal be against the Presidents address or Marco Rubio’s rebuttal? It’s all so confusing what with this new War on republicans by and for republicans.


  2. Dimitrios says:

    A more repellant montage of under-bred assholes I have yet to see outside of a Canadian Conservative Party caucus.


  3. What channel is carrying the Insane Clown Posse’s response to the rebuttal to the rsponse to the SOTU?


  4. Rubio’s “response” tonight was a hot mess of lies, bullshit and false equivalencies, shat with the tone of a dissed schoolboy. If that’s the “new face of the Republican party,” good luck with that, boys. Looks more like your ass.


  5. dcmartin says:

    The moment that the Republican Rebuttal devolved into a “ShamWow!” commercial:

    Just call him “Big Gulp”.


  6. so, did anybody carry Ayn Rand Paul’s rebuttal to the rebuttal?

    And what happened to that asshole (Nugent)? I thought he was going to be all over the media.



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