The War on Women

Domestic Violence PSA

We keep saying this: the Conservatives do have a War on Women, and it is the first front in their larger war against democracy in favor of a Theocracy.

Anyway, here’s the latest salvo: Conservative Advocates: Violence Against Women Act Unfair To Men

Yes, you read that right. Which is almost exactly the same argument that they make about LGBTQ people: non-discrimination policies are unfair to Xristian Xrazies. I mean, who will they demonize next? Who will they institutionally bully?

Heritage Action and FreedomWorks, two well-financed right wing activist groups, are lobbying to scuttle the reauthorization. In short, they lament the expanded provisions, which beefs up funding for local law enforcement to prosecute domestic abusers while expanding coverage to gays, illegal immigrants and Native Americans. They claim VAWA hasn’t proved to be effective and argue that federal funding for law enforcement is both redundant and unconstitutional.


Claiming that the reauthorization would expand the definition of domestic violence to include “emotional distress,” Heritage declared that the “expansive and vague language will increase fraud and false allegations, for which there is no legal recourse.”

Which I think is short for, “f***’em if they cannot take a joke, or maybe it’s just short for they made me hit them?


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  1. M. Bouffant says:

    So the “Constitutional rights” of the abuser trump the right not to be abused? OK, got it.