Shorter Ben Smith

“I just figured out how the Individual Mandate in Obamacare works.”

Does this mean that Smith finally passed his Statistics 101 class at Yale?


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0 Responses to Shorter Ben Smith

  1. BruceJ says:

    Shhhh, don’t tell little Bennie about his legally mandated automobile insurance, either…


  2. Some Techie says:

    I was hounded off Think Progress for pointing out that many city dwellers do not need or own cars, thereby not incurring legally required auto insurance. In contrast, the Obama plan requires that if you are breathing, you must buy insurance or pay a penalty. I still see this as a huge gift to the insurance companies whose premium inflows will dramatically increase.


    • Tengrain says:

      Techie –

      It IS a big give-away to the insurance companies. Hopefully Obamacare will drive us towards Universal Healthcare, but until then I understand the actuarial reason for the individual mandate.

      It’s stupid, of course, that Universal HC was never even considered (thanks Max Baucus!), and of course the whole thing is a Legal fuck-up and highway robbery that benefits the already bloated Healthcare Industry.

      And Wingnuttia says The Kenyan is a socialist? He just enriched the worst of American Enterprises. They should be petitioning the Ayn Rand Society to deify him.




  3. Universal health care wasn’t considered b/c of the White House/Rahm, Bauccus was cover. That said, Ben Smith was a dolt when he wrote about NY state politics back at the NY Daily News–and I had to read his shit, didn’t do it by choice–and he’s a bigger dolt now. When did he leave Politico? Was he fired? And is Buzzfeed a rightwing site now?