Applebees likes the cut of Bob McDonnell’s jib

Sweet Jeebus on a swing-shift, vaginal probe enthusiast and Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell asked for legislation that caps hourly state employees to no more than 29 hours/weekly. You know: Obamamcare.

And yes, this includes hourly teachers:

Hardest hit by the new policy will be Virginia’s 23 two-year community colleges, which collectively employ more part-timers working 30-plus hours a week than any other state agency, according to the survey.

I guess this is all the proof we need that McDonnell is going to run in the 2016 Goat Rodeo.

(Hampton Roads via Think Progress)

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0 Responses to Applebees likes the cut of Bob McDonnell’s jib

  1. Labrys says:

    Well, if we needed more proof that the Party of No will do ANYThing to keep anything good from happening from an Obama Presidency, I guess we have it now.


  2. Jenghazi was talking him up earlier, saying how reasonable McDonnell was compared to the Cooch.

    And while looking that one up, I ran across this unbelievable mess.


  3. Roket says:

    Wait just one darn minute. This sounds like something they would do in Europe. Minus the social safety nets, of course. Is VA turning European or what?


  4. Bruce388 says:

    Republicans: We’re not just waging war on women.