Hahaha! –


This afternoon, author Jessica Valenti hilariously pointed out that a Fox News column about traditional gender roles in marriage is accidentally accompanied by a photograph of two lesbian newly-weds exchanging a kiss.

The FoxNews.com column in question was written by Suzanne Venker, the niece of social conservative hero Phyllis Schlafly, and previous author of the roundly-panned column on how it’s all women’s fault that there is a “battle of the sexes.”

Looks like ancient hate goblin Phyllis Schlafly is going to have to explain the birds and the birds to her neice, Suzanne Venker author of How to Choose a Husband, a you-don’t-go-girl manual.

(Sorry for the absence yesterday: travel day… TG)


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0 Responses to Whoopsie!

  1. Mr618 says:

    Must have been nice. We had 5-6 foot drifts in the driveway. Couldn’t have travelled anywhere — including the hospital — if our lives had depended on it.


  2. What’s truly sick is that one of Schafly’s relatives wants to make a franchise out of her aunt’s ™ hatred of anything worth a damn. If I didn’t know that Fox will be old news in a few years, I would be angry.



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