Rick Perry comes a-wooing

Politico tells us that famous dimwitted theocrat and secessionist Texas Governor Rick Perry is on a bidness trip to California to try to woo some of our companies to head over to his low-wage, low-regulation Libertarian Paradise state. (Somalia? No, Texas. But close)

“Building a business is tough, but I hear building a business in California is next to impossible,” Perry says in the ad, which goes on to praise the Lone Star State’s “low taxes, sensible regulations and fair legal system.”

He’s stopping in all the big cities, and here in Silicon Valley, too

Perhaps he might want to talk about his state’s failing electrical grid while he’s here? You know, because the Tech Titans are kinda sorta interested in have the power actually come on when you flip a switch:

As drought continues, Texans’ thirst for electricity is drawing down supplies of the water needed to quench it.

And that has grid officials cracking down on power companies to make sure they’re using supplies wisely during what could be prolonged dry conditions.

“We have just started requiring new generators to provide proof of water rights before we will include them in our planning models going forward,” said Kent Saathoff, vice president of system planning and operations for the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which operates most of the state’s grid.

Under the month-old rule, proposals for new power plants must include proof that the generators have access and rights to the water they need, in order to be included in plans for future transmission lines.

The Electric Reliability Council doesn’t issue plant permits – the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has that authority – but as a practical matter power plants can’t connect to the state’s transmission network if they’re not included in the council’s grid planning.

The council also requires existing plants to submit estimates on the amount of electricity they can generate each season – and available water in a continuing drought can be a critical part of this calculation.

(Hat tip: FuelFix via Skippy the Bush Kangaroo)

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0 Responses to Rick Perry comes a-wooing

  1. Bruce388 says:

    What? There’s still a drought? Even after Perry’s Day of Prayer?


  2. Reamus says:

    Stay with that chicken, Rick…


  3. That photo with that headline….perfect. Take a bow, Ten.



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