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Is a Franken-Bachmann Showdown on the Horizon?

“… But despite that presidential fade-out and close call back home, Bachmann is again being mentioned as a candidate for higher office — this time as a potential challenger to first-term Democratic Sen. Al Franken in 2014.


In a Public Policy Polling (D) survey conducted last month, 52 percent of state voters approved of Franken’s job performance, while 42 percent disapproved.

In the same poll, Franken also topped Bachmann by a 54 percent to 40 percent margin in a hypothetical general election matchup — an early indication of the uphill climb the congresswoman would face in a statewide race.


Pat Shortridge, the current Minnesota GOP chairman, told RCP that though he did not know what Bachmann’s plans were, the party would be wise to look outside “the same familiar political faces” in recruiting someone to run against Franken.

“The electorate has clearly said, at least on our side, that they want some new blood,” Shortridge said. “And I think people who’ve got some private sector experience — people who aren’t coming from the traditional political routes — could make for a very effective candidate in 2014. I think we need to be more creative when it comes to recruitment and thinking about who our candidates ought to be.” “

I think that Shortridge (and you must love that name) is signaling S.O.S. with her eyelids as she says this. Imagine being the chair of the state GOP and having to defend nominating to the Senate an unhinged Xristian Xrazie and free-range conspiracy theorist like ol’ One-L and her closet-case husband.

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  1. Randall says:

    Wouldn’t it be fun to watch the debate between Al Franken and Michele Bachmann?
    It would be as lopsided as say, watching a debate between Rachel Maddow and Sarah Palin
    or Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bobby Jindal
    or Richard Dawkins and Bryon Fischer

    …actually, those would ALL be pretty entertaining debates.

    Kinda like watching someone finally get fed-up and beat the shit out of the school bully.