Cover Boy

So, after being taken to the metaphorical wood shed for a good spanking in the 2012 Goat Rodeo the GOP turns a lonely eye to… Marco Rubio? The Tea Party It-boy? Really?

Think Progress has a great post up on Rubio: 8 Reasons Why Marco Rubio Is Not ‘The Republican Savior’ all of which are true.

But I’ll add another log into their bonfire: Marco Rubio is Cuban; Cuban immigrants are treated differently from other immigrants, and trust me here in California the immigrant community knows this. During the Feast of St. Ronnie, the Congress in all of its alleged wisdom decreed that the instant a Cuban’s little toe touches the blessed soil of God’s Own Eden the United States, that person is here legally and granted amnesty. Consider that fact for a moment as you ponder the fate of the Guatemalan who’s little toe touches the soil in Arizona.

In Wingnuttia’s world all (insert your own demographic marker here) look alike. So the thinking at the RNC is strangely Gertrude Stein-ian: latino is latino is latino. And so making Marco Rubio the Savior of the GOP (I mean really, isn’t that Christ-like?), that will make “all of them” love the Party of the Confederacy. They are so sure of it that they have tapped Rubio to be the first person to deliver the rebuttal of the State of the Union Address in Spanish.

Here’s the thing: Cuban Spanish is not the same as Latin Spanish. It is like trying to say that Canadian French is the same as Parisian. The intended beneficiaries of this gambit will know that Rubio is not one of them. And in fact, they will know rather instantly that he get to where he is today by having different rules apply to him. Now imagine that you are listening to the guy who got to cut in line tell you that you have to obey all the rules to get in the club.

I predict that there will be an unintended consequence of doing this, not entirely unlike having boy exorcist and noted volcano scholar Bobby Jindal give the rebuttal in 2008.


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  1. Yup, this is known in New York and New Jersey as well. (I think they know it in Florida too, but it may not be safe to say it aloud.) There is also a huge race issue in that the Cubans tend to be white (that’s who ran away from Cuba 50 years ago, the ones with money), though this is growing less so, as is the Republican hold on the community. (I think to many young white Cuban-Americans “Republican” means “my disgusting elderly racist and sexist relatives”. Not to our Marco, though.)


  2. raceynora says:

    Good. Memo to GOP: keep digging!


  3. They must indeed like the taste of dirt. Well played, Ten – I wish the people who need to hear this would read it, but of course they won’t.