The stupid, it buuuuuuuuurns:

Famous Reagan-era UN diplomat and former Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations who ran as a candidate in three Republican Party presidential primaries, Alan Keyes is in the news again for saying something stupid about the possibility that the Boy Scouts might stop discriminating against gay kids.

‘The Boy Scouts of America may imminently abandon the organization’s commitment to true Christian morals, allowing homosexuals into the ranks and leadership of its troops,’ Keyes wrote.

‘All Christian churches should immediately and spontaneously withdraw from their cooperation with the BSA’s corporate entity which would, from that point on, be usurping the name and reputation of the Scouting movement. The thunderous impression of their withdrawal would alert and warn all believers of the pitfall any association with the usurpers must henceforward entail.’

‘It will speedily become evident that what masquerades as tolerance is actually indoctrination, seeking to mould boys according to the standard the BSA trustees will have raised above God’s standard.’

‘On many campuses now, refusal to experiment with homosexuality is frowned upon as a sign of bigotry, so henceforth in Scouting braking down this prejudice would be recognized as a meritorious activity,’ Keyes claimed.

‘Though camouflaged in different words there will be a merit badge for this experimentation as part of the regime of homosexual indoctrination.

Yes, you read that right: Merit Badges for gay sex. I suppose it will even out the program with the Knot Tying Merit Badge for bondage, though. And let’s forget the Animal Husbandry one entirely. This is, after all, a family blog.

(Gay Star News)

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0 Responses to The stupid, it buuuuuuuuurns:

  1. zencomix says:

    “…there will be a merit badge for this experimentation as part of the regime of homosexual indoctrination.’

    Bringing new meaning to the words “Pine Wood Derby”.


  2. tommyspoon says:

    Um, do these folks not realize that the founder of the Scouting movement, Lord Baden Powell, was as gay as a three dollar bill?



  3. Shared Humanity says:

    I was a scout for 2 years (not a very good one, I did not work hard on merit badges). My interest may have been peaked by the bondage badge.


  4. Some Techie says:

    I lost interest before joining as a Boy Scout but I still like the organization for the skills they teach. Where else can you find a kid who can tie a proper square knot or actually build a fire?


  5. Well, if they give a merit badge for gay sex, I know a bunch of guys who could be Eagle Scouts….a couple of times over. I’m surprised we still hear from Keyes–I thought Herman Cain took his rightwing the world is going to end black man spot in the GOP.


  6. Good Friggin’ Lord, if Alan Keyes accidentally grew a brain cell, his body would doubtless reject it as a foreign object.

    The biggest problem facing Boy Scouts (which I thank for a laundry list of skills and abilities I might otherwise not have acquired) isn’t homosexuality, but pedophilia. That bit of illumination ought to have us all rooting for a divorce of Scouting from the Catholic Church, which is the den of such iniquities as Cardinal Mahony and his Baloney Pony.



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