No Comment

–Todd Kincannon Former South Carolina GOP executive director

Wonkette has more on Todd McKinnon, probably more than you wanted to see.

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5 Responses to No Comment

  1. Ted says:

    Unless confronted with their bullshit and made out to be the racist bastards they are, Republicans are going to take out their white robes and wear them proudly again.
    And I know, they are just reflect the ideology and idiocy of their constituents. It really is too bad that they are incapable of shame.


  2. Neil Clayton says:

    He wants a reaction, well I’ll oblige. Todd Kincannon is a loathsome piece of shit.
    That’s the least this creep deserves. After listening to this dribble, I firmly believe this is a person with a very immature mind. His reasoning or excuses sound like they come from a child trying to be clever, he has know idea that 99% of grown ups view him as a fool.


  3. Mac from Oregon says:

    You know the response by heart, come on, lets say it together, “It was just a joke, Can’t you take a joke?”


  4. I love it when these assholes shit in the GOP crib. Let the Republicans either embrace him or kick him to the curb, and let America note which they choose.


  5. I bet his clients would not be impressed that pictures of their lawyer’s tiny dick can be easily found on the internets (god bless, Gawker). I mean, if it was impressive, that’s something else.



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