RIP, Ed Koch

Not being a Nuuu Yawker I’m unqualified to comment, but even from the Left Coast, I have a soft spot for their best cheerleader. My friends from NYC have mixed feelings about the man as Mayor, but everyone seems to have liked him as a person.

A small story from one of the Scissorheads (unattributed unless said Scissorhead wants to self-identify in the comments):

The highs were high for Ed, but the lows, very low. And I am stuck with remembering too much of the low. That said, he used to work for a law firm in the same building with me, and we shared the same elevator bank.


The elevator was FULL, and I mean full, and I was in the back corner. He got in just as the doors were about to shut, facing us all. He was all smiles and cheerful and said, “Can anyone tell me why Clarence Thomas should not be a Supreme Court Justice?” (it was during the hearings) At that time, I used to commute with an attorney who knew Thomas and HATED HIM. Said he was a major porn addict. And that he had not really been a judge! So I shout out, in the awkward silence, “He was never really a judge!” And Koch says, “good answer!” just as the doors open, and in true Hollywood meets NYC moment, he waltzes off the elevator.

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0 Responses to RIP, Ed Koch

  1. Reamus says:

    Ed Koch was, for New York purposes, “A real piece of work.” You could hate everything he stood for and still like the guy. That was the difference back in the day, you could like the guy and not agree with him about anything, even where to get the best bagel.

    He personified New York, dragged it back from fiscal death and was as intemperate in speech as any politician who ever lived. Yet the man made me laugh all the time.

    When he asks “How am I doin’?” wherever he goes, the answer should be “Fine Ed, you’re doing fine.”


  2. Mountjoy says:

    Having lived there 1986-1990, I consider myself an honorary New Yorker, and so Ed Koch was my mayor. He was larger than life (yet a very tall man himself, anyway), opinionated, nasal, and brash – but to me he was a walking talking billboard for the city I grew to call home. I left NYC with a great respect for the role he played in picking New York up and getting it back on its feet – it always felt good to see and hear him when he appeared in soundbites on TV here in Oz.

    Sorry to hear of his passing today – I guess 88 is not a bad innings, but it seemed like he could live forever.


  3. janut says:

    The press followed him around like they did Ali. He made news for them. We had a severe drought in NYC during his years as mayor. He was out every day, somewhere, Brooklyn Br., Empire St. Bldg, Grants Tomb, anywhere, incessantly asking NYr’s to save water, to voluntarily conserve so that restrictions wouldn’t need to be mandated. And people did. And we got through it on the honor system. I was very proud of us, but we needed to be nudged, and he was quite a nudge.



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