NRO: Nazism is misunderstood

The idea that all violence is “senseless” violence is one that has taken deep root on the left; it’s also, unfortunately, one that poses a major impediment to understanding the world.

Nazism may have been an ideology to which the United States was — and to which [President Obama] is — implacably opposed, but it is hardly “senseless.” By the early 1930s, the Nazi party had hundreds of thousands of devoted members and repeatedly attracted a third of the votes in German elections; its political leaders campaigned on a platform comprising 25 non-senseless points, including the “unification of all Germans,” a demand for “land and territory for the sustenance of our people,” and an assertion that “no Jew can be a member of the race.” Suffice it to say, many sensible Germans were persuaded.

Seriously? I thought that they fired John Derbyshire.

(NRO, the most intellectually dishonest rest stop on the information super highway)

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0 Responses to NRO: Nazism is misunderstood

  1. zencomix says:

    It’s like something out of The Onion, except it’s a real thing.


  2. t seal says:

    don’t be stupid,
    be a smarty,
    come and join,
    the Nazi Party.


  3. moeman says:

    They’ll put a happy face on anything.


  4. Dimitrios says:

    Hitler did some good things, too! Like he built the Autobahn. True it’s most important use was the rapid transportation of troops across the country during the world war he was planning. A world war in which over 56 million people, military and civilian, combatants and non combatants, were killed. But hey! Everything comes at a price, and only soft-headed liberals expect to get something for nothing.


  5. I knew things were so bad we were living in a post-“Pow” world, but a post-“Godwin” world? Sheesh!