Serial Mom

[Ed. – Late to the party again, but better late than never.]

Sweet Baby Jeebus, where does Wingnuttia find these people?

Anyway, that is Gayle Trotter, who it seems is convinced that the New Black Panthers are coming for the 6 snowflakes she birfed while cleanin’ and a moppin’ the floor, because, you know, the Blahs are always coming for white women, and that’s why she needs to keep a fully-loaded AR-15. With 6 kids in the house.

I hope her insurance company was listening.

Trotter, being a proud Schlafly-style feminist, is also an anti-Violence Against Women Act activist (because, you know, the Blah ho’s will use it to spend taxpayer money and accuse innocent men of rape).

Don’t try to reconcile her need for guns and her other activism. Your head will explode.


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0 Responses to Serial Mom

  1. lambchop says:

    And there aren’t any problems just having guns in the house. I looked up Independent Women’s Forum and found this link about how they got their start – to help Clarence Thomas. It’s gets better from there:


  2. What kind of hellhole does she live in?

    Man, the white-flight gated suburbs have REALLY gone downhill.


  3. tommyspoon says:

    Like how she threw in “the right to choose” there at the end. Way to pull out all the dog whistles!


  4. Bob says:

    That’s right ladies, there ain’t nothin that a long, hard rod won’t fix.


  5. Capt. Bat Guano says:

    The scene opens upon a blood covered floor while a woman screams at the prone and motionless body of a six year old boy, “Goddamnit Cleatus, I thought I told you to leave mommies AR-15 alone, you wait until your father gets home!”


  6. BruceJ says:

    Yep, Nancy Lanza was sure able to protect herself with HER AR-15! Uh, waitaminnit….


  7. Reamus says:

    NONE of the women cited in her testimony were in fact in possession of an assault weapon, nor any in the 4 page “index”
    Talk about a grifter, Jebus, she has 1000 names on a mailing list and the Republicans wanted her on the witness list.

    Glad that lady kept her dead husbands medications and told everyone about them.

    I call bullshit


  8. Reamus says:

    Oh yeah, and the AR-15’s are available in pink…bitch, you are an embarrassment to women everywhere



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