OK, I’m confused. Isn’t the job of the Defense Secretary to ensure that there is ammo for the guns and armor for the troops? You know, the stuff that Don Rumsfeld failed to do?

I mean, the Secretary of Defense is administrative, right?

The Generals set strategy, right?

The Secretary of State sets policy, right?

So, is Grandpa Walnuts going to shake his fist and yell at clouds next? What the hell was this about? Other than Walnuts trying to get someone to say that he was right at least once in his life-long career of being wrong about absolutely everything. Oh, and crashing 5 jets. There was that.

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0 Responses to Hagel-dazs

  1. Ralph Munn says:

    Poor Old John, grasping for relevance in whatever pathetic fashion he can conjure.


  2. Neil Clayton says:

    Who chose Sarah for VP, nuff said, piss off McCain


  3. RedDirtGirl says:

    What a feckin’ dick-bag!


  4. Shartiblartfat says:

    A good reason to watch C-SPAN more often will be to witness the inevitable face-plant some day when Senator John “Walnuts” McCain is yelling at or about something, and his carotid artery explodes. During his rant at Hagel, I swear I saw that thing throbbing!



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