There is a club…

…and you are not in it.

If you want to know more about The Kenyan Usurper pushing us into the tight grip of Socialism, then you need to read Matt Taibbi’s latest bit in Rolling Stone. He details for us how no one has yet to be indicted or go to jail over the financial theft of 2007/2008 that provoked the Great Recession

By the way, Mary Jo White–who figures prominently in that piece–is Obama’s nominee to run the SEC.

UPDATE: The New Yorker agrees with us.

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0 Responses to There is a club…

  1. And people wonder why I voted third party. By the way, have you seen that Anonymous is responding to the DoJ abusive overreaching with regard to internet “crimes” and, in particular, the hounding of poor Andrew Schwartz? Good for them. As for Obama’s picks, his real base (Wall Street criminals) is thrilled.



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