Bain Capital can sell anything!

Throughout the election campaign Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was fed erroneous, unreliable, unprofessional survey results. This is the clear conclusion emerging from Tuesday’s election results.

On Sunday Netanyahu was still convinced his party would obtain 36-37 Knesset seats. While most of the experienced pollsters like Camil Fuchs, Dr. Mina Tzemach and Rafi Smith discerned Likud-Beiteinu’s slide toward 30 seats, Netanyahu and his partner Avigdor Lieberman were intoxicated by groundless figures with at best a flimsy connection to reality.

Jeebus, why are conservatards so guillable to their own snake oil?


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0 Responses to Bain Capital can sell anything!

  1. Bruce388 says:

    I blame the commercials by Trump and Chuck Norris.


  2. RWW says:

    The Reichwing has answers ready: Dick Morris stopped sucking on prostitute toes long enough to comment that the polls weren’t sampling enough Republicans. Sean Hannity irately babbled something about illegal Mexicans being allowed to vote. And Alex Jones has a theory about Netanyahu being a shape-shifting reptilian alien who is helping Walter Mondale and the Queen of England get school children implanted with microchips and hooked on heroin.


  3. Numbers are meaningless. Everyone knows allegedly clever people are really filthy liars.

    Everyone on the right that is.

    Except when it comes to baseball. George Will can stumble on to the right answer when it comes to baseball because there and only there he will listen to the number crunchers.



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