O’er the Land of Free – and the Home of the Douchebags

Senator Ron Johnson (R-Asshole) “I’m not sure she had rehearsed for that type of question,” Johnson told BuzzFeed Wednesday afternoon, after the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing. “I think she just decided before she was going to describe emotionally the four dead Americans, the heroes, and use that as her trump card to get out of the questions. It was a good way of getting out of really having to respond to me.”

rj db

this says it all:

“Johnson opposed a Wisconsin bill that would have eliminated the time limit for future child, sex abuse victims to bring lawsuits and allowed an additional three years for past victims to sue.”

Sen. Rand Poodle (R-Really Bad Paul Haircut) bluntly told Secretary of State Hilary Clinton Wednesday that he would have fired her over her handling of the Sept. 11 attack in Benghazi, Libya. In a lengthy attack on a potential 2016 presidential election foe, Poodle repeatedly hammered Clinton and the Obama administration. “One of the things that disappointed me most about the original 9/11 was that no one was fired,” Poodle said, calling the 2012 attack the worst act of terrorism since 2001. Later, Poodle pressed Clinton over a conspiracy theory popular amongst conservatives that the late Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens was involved in a CIA effort to ship guns to Turkey.

rand poodle1

In October, Rand Poodle blocked a bill that would provide $36 million in benefits for elderly and disabled refugees, saying that he was concerned that it could be used to aid domestic terrorists. Paul lifted his hold on the bill after Democratic leaders promised to hold a congressional hearing into how individuals are selected for refugee status. (Which will probably cost more than $36 million)

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0 Responses to O’er the Land of Free – and the Home of the Douchebags

  1. chuckchuck says:

    My name is Ron Johnson, I come from Wisconsin, I own da factory der.


  2. Ralph Munn says:

    Hatred is bad, ergo, I’m going to hell.


  3. Hill isn’t my favorite, but I hope she put her foot up his rectum and twisted it.


  4. Randall says:

    Rand Paul said to Hillary that he would have fired her if he “had been president.”

    To which Hillary responded “…and since there’s about the same chance; what would you do if you were Batman?” (snicker)


  5. I liked teh way she made RJ say “Thank you” after she fed him his balls.



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