Remember the other day when…

Ilsa she-wolf of the Nazis Michelle Malkkkin said that The Kenyan was using children as props and it counted as child abuse?

(Petunia and Pals) If it’s Thursday, it must be Malkkkin. Today she says that the President is a Child Abuser. No, really.

…it of course triggered off a day of Wingnuttian outrage comparing the president’s use of children to Sadaam Hussein‘s, it’s never been done before, etc., etc., etc.

Yes it has:

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0 Responses to Remember the other day when…

  1. grs says:

    Or when using kids as a prop turns into a massive failure – when reading books about pet goats.

    /Too low?


  2. Dimitrios says:

    Unknown president introducing bill to improve education and increase family income.

    Also, apparently Fux thinks the Press Corps’ questions are too long and complex. I guess that means Fux has never tried to parse one of Mooselini’s long and complex word salads.


  3. mark says:

    I seem to remember George the Dumber posing in front of ‘snowflake children’ at a press conference in an effort to make sure that every fertilized egg in a storage container was adopted and raised so that it did not pass its freshness date and get flushed.


  4. Bruce388 says:

    It’s truly amazing how wingnuts can scrub their memories of inconvenient truths.



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