2012: Hottest Year on Record

“Temperatures in the contiguous United States last year were the hottest in more than a century of record-keeping, shattering the mark set in 1998 by a wide margin, the federal government announced Tuesday.”


And let’s see: Australia had to add a new color to the temperature map because it is over-the-top 52 degrees Celsius (which works out to 126 degrees Fahrenheit, roughly), super storms, century flooding now regularly occurs in the midwest and draught, and people are keeling over dead in India from exposure to the extreme cold.

So of course, Wingnuttia is holding onto that last piece to say that “See? It’s not heating up!”. The terrible person known as the Gateway Pundit is even claiming that this is proof of a mini-ice age. So take THAT, Al Gore!

(No links, I’m not into enabling the mouth-breathing paste eaters.)

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2 Responses to 2012: Hottest Year on Record

  1. kctomato says:

    I thought I saw a wooly mammoth but it was just Robin Williams in a bathing suit.


  2. Dimitrios says:

    Politicians might eventually get together to make a commitment to Global Warming, like the did recently to the looming fiscal cliff, if only Global Warming were about about something real, like money.



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