Eric Cantor does the perp walk…

…after he failed to get the votes to pass Weepy’s Plan B:

Odd how he is smiling…

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0 Responses to Eric Cantor does the perp walk…

  1. Reamus says:

    Guy next to him is too… hands not visible…hmmm…


  2. Neil Clayton says:

    Walk of shame Really ??? Cantor is as smug as fuck, this nearly ensured the two faced prick Boners job


  3. zencomix says:

    Yeah, Cantor would love to take Boner’s job.


  4. If Cantor takes Boner’s job, then despite all of Obama’s efforts to propr up the GOP, it will go down. Boner is a miserable drunk, but Cantor is a sociopathic fuck.


  5. Bruce388 says:

    Can you say “Speaker Cantor?” I KNEW you could.


  6. shartiblartfat says:

    Smile? Death rictus is more likely.


  7. Randall says:

    That is the snotty “Fuck YOU little people” smile of an asshole that’s been wealthy his whole life.


  8. Dimitrios says:

    That’s not smiling, that’s merely baring your teeth.

    Oh, Wait! Baring your teeth is the Republican smile.



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