Sanctimonious POS* of the Year

This one is way too obvious – but with those nasty gays winning in Maine, Maryland, Washington, Our Miss Gallagher is finding new meaning to the word Sanctimonious Piece of Shit.  Some of her better work from Townhall (I went there so you dont have to)

Maggie on 4/19/12 – If you read between the lines of the April 17 poll from the Pew Research Center, you can see it’s President Obama, not Gov. Romney, who has reasons to fear a growing gender gap.

Maggie on 5/17/12 – Obama, by endorsing gay marriage, has broken through the media silence imposed on those who oppose gay marriage, generating new, unexpected and highly visible expressions of opposition.

Maggie on 8/16/12 – Mitt Romney showed he’s reaching not just for a win, but for a mandate.  The elevation of Rep. Paul Ryan is a game changer because it is a conversation changer.

Maggie on 9/20/12 – Let me begin with a prediction: Mitt Romney will be the next president of the United States.

Maggie on 11/8/12 – It was just obvious that Romney could not win, and could not appeal to blue-collar voters, without pummeling his opponents with massive money. It’s not a strategy for victory.

Maggie on 12/13/12 – I hate to be the one to tell you this, but a serious case is now being made that our beloved Constitution gives us the right to have sex with donkeys.

maggie 4

Eat shit! Filth is my politics! Filth is my life!
Oh my God Almighty! Someone has sent me a bowel movement!
Let’s sleep in gas station lavatories this time, mama. Fuck permanent residences. It’ll strengthen our filthiness.
Maggie Gallagher, you stand convicted of assholeism! Your proper punishment will now take place. Look pretty for the picture,

maggie 1

Miss Lindsey: Maggie, where do gays come from?
Maggie Gallagher: From gay marriage, Lindsey. If they get married, there will be millions of them.
Miss Lindsey: But suppose someday there weren’t any gay marriage. Would that mean there wouldn’t be any gays?
Maggie Gallagher: Oh, That is the idea, Miss Lindsey.
Miss Lindsey: But… but is it true, Maggie? lf there weren’t any gay marriage, there wouldn’t be a need for Republicans? Is that true?
Maggie Gallagher: I suppose so, Lindsey… but there will always be gays. You can be sure of that, so we will always need Republicans to make sure they treat all non-(straight white males) like shit.
Miss Lindsey: But suppose someday it happens. Suppose someday there weren’t any gays. Oh, Maggie, what could I possibly do? And then the Republicans wouldn’t have… they wouldn’t have a reason to exist. It might happen, Maggie. What could I do?
Maggie Gallagher: Now, Miss Lindsey, that’s just GOP paranoia. I think you’re being very silly. There will always be Republicans. Why, there are so many gays now… that we let them get married… in order to supply us with baby gays. Republicans are plentiful, Maggie. The world will never be without Republicans. You can be sure of that.

maggie 3

I don’t give a fuck what you said, you fucking pig, get this body OUT of here it’s making me SICK! When will they get another one, what poor girl will they get next? I KNOW they’ll get another one, just like when I came here I replaced somebody, didn’t I? You fucking little dingleberry! That’s what you’re like, you fucking ball of shit!


Fat, ugly, hypocrite Maggie Gallagher is our fourth female nominee for Sanctimonious POS*

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0 Responses to Sanctimonious POS* of the Year

  1. Dimitrios says:

    “… our beloved Constitution gives us the right to have sex with donkeys.” Which means that there is still hope of a sex-life for Maggie Gallagher.

    I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of donkeys suddenly turned gay in terror.


  2. Another Kiwi says:

    An assplosion of gaiety!


  3. Bruce388 says:

    Maggie hates to tell us about the donkeys because that’s her only chance for sweet lovin’. She doesn’t want the competition.


  4. wagonjak says:

    WOW, you REALLY don’t like Maggie Gallagher, do you?!


  5. Aw C’mon, Axel, tell us how you REALLY feel. Don’t hold back, it’ll make you constipated.



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