The NRA and You

Oddly, they didn’t like my bumpersticker idea.

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0 Responses to The NRA and You

  1. watchdog says:

    Please excuse me while I cross post a responseof mine from another blog;

    We encourage as many Liberals to become NRA members and take them over from the inside. You get enough of us sensible people in the organization, we can run our own people for leadership positions and transform the NRA back into what it was before the politically brain dead took it over in the 70s, a real firearm advocacy group. One that protected the rights of gun owners, but also recognized that there needs to be regulations on deadly weapons.
    It can be done, thats how the Birchers of the 70s took it over to begin with. At this point in history, the NRA serves no useful function other than to help the merchants of death profit on the killing of Americans, young and old. That’s why I call them the most useless organization in America, they really dont serve a useful function beyond death and money.

    In the end, we should try this with all far right groups that have outlived its usefulness, we outnumber them after all.


  2. Bruce388 says:

    If the NRA got to be “useless” it would be an improvement. I know the local NRA chapter, den, pack, whatever, has its share of gun nuts, locked and loaded, waiting for the race wars that are sure to come.

    The problem with your bumper sticker is obvious. Three of the kids got away.


  3. jimbo57 says:

    Might I suggest crosshairs?


    • Tengrain says:

      Jimbo57 –

      I thought about it, but I really do take great pains not to indulge in eliminationist rhetoric, even with stickfigures. I also really debated publishing this or not. We’re really not that dark of a blog, though this week I think we’ve gone about as angry as I’ve seen us since the Chimpy Reign of Error.




  4. Has to be done, Ten. Thanks for this. It’s long past time to whisper about this. Personally, I wish some real journalist organization–do they still exist?–would investigate and identifiy the handful of uber rich families that benefit from the sale of guns and bullets, particularly automatic weapons and clips. Because the real reason why they are available is because a few greedy bastards are making shitloads of cash off of it. Out them.



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