Sanctimonious POS* of the Year

Our third nominee for Sanctimonious Piece of Shit of the Year on the ladies side is an ensemble nominee – the Republican women of the US Senate. – Snowe, Collins, Hutchison, Ayotte, and  Murkowski aka SCHAM – The Queens of the Filibuster who are just shams as legislators and really good lemmings

Kay Bighair Hutchison of Texas is “retiring” from the US Senate.  KBH voted 69 times to filibuster out of 118 possible votes in the past 3 years – AND after voting for the Blunt Amendment which will allow companies to basically opt out of covering any “medications” they believe is morally wrong, KBH (finally) is offering some advice to her party on her way out the door: “Stop trying to act like the woman is a throw-away.”

Snowe Job, while not voting for the Blunt amendment (which conveniently came up after she said she was “retiring”) still managed to use her filibuster 46 times out of 118 possible votes in the past three years. SJ doesnt get off the hook as her “moderate crown” became a lot less moderate in the past three years. Limpie voted with Jim Inhofe (R-Fucking Insane) and Mitch McConnell (R-Chins) to block environmental regulations on greenhouse gases. And she sided last month with just nine Republicans on a resolution by teabagger Rand Paul (R-Fake Doctor with Bad Hair) criticizing President Barack Obama’s policy on Libya. Limpie is getting wimpie “the Senate is not living up to what the Founding Fathers envisioned.” Maybe because of people like you Senator Snowe – who put party loyalty to insane people before what is right for the country.

But the best Snowe Job of them all was this — Limpie voted for Affordable Care Act in the Finance Committee, only to turn against it when it reached the decisive vote on the Senate floor. Snowe complained that the process was happening too fast, and that it was too partisan, which seemed to be her way of saying she wouldn’t vote for it unless other Republicans joined her – Basically because she was a chicken shit.

Collins, Ayotte and Murkowski – all remain in the Senate and ALL VOTED FOR THE BLUNT AMENDMENT.  Ayotte’s filibuster voting record is 36/67; Murkowski’s is 56/118, while the never-married Collins comes in the best at 43/118 – but Susie still voted for the Blunt Amendment and she originally held up the repeal of DADT for (what else) tax cuts.

The SCHAM Sisters of Perpetual Hypocrisy
gop women sens2

Out on the town
gop women sens1

Nominee #3 – SPOS – The Republican women of the US Senate

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0 Responses to Sanctimonious POS* of the Year

  1. Bruce388 says:

    Sanctimonious POS + Republican senator = Redundancy


  2. MDavis says:

    So – is Murkowski the one who looks kinda like Nooners? Are they related, or are they just in the same club?


  3. Zaius Nation says:

    It’s like Charlie’s Angels, only more disturbing.



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