Money and Conflicts of Interest

As strangely orange-hued Speaker of the House John Boehner tells us every time he exhales, Washington DC has a spending problem, which of course helps to explain why he and soon-to-be ex-Congressman Dan Lundgren secretly doubled the amount of money to spend to defend DOMA. Take it away, Nancy Pelosi:

It’s bad enough that Speaker Boehner and House Republicans are wasting taxpayer dollars to defend the indefensible Defense of Marriage Act – and losing in every case. Now, they have reached a new low – signing a secret contract to spend more public money on their legal boondoggle without informing Democrats. Their actions are simply unconscionable; their decisions are utterly irresponsible.

Hiding this contract from voters in the midst of an election season was a cynical move at best, and a betrayal of the public trust at worst. With Americans focused on the creation of jobs and the growth of our economy, Republicans should not be spending $2 million to defend discrimination in our country.

And in a related story, who knew that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had a kid in the priesthood who is involved in some sort of pray-away-the-gay theology? I’m not suggesting that Fat Tony should recuse himself from participating in the upcoming court cases… well, actually, yes, I am saying that.

It’s not just that Fat Tony is on the record, proudly on the record, for comparing gays to murder, beastiality, polygamy, etc., but his kid’s job makes it necessary for people to be self-loathing. I don’t think that the conflicts of interest can be any more clear.

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  1. knowdoubt says:

    The good justice has never let a conflict of interest deter him from exercising his hypocrisy, bigotry, and general abuse of power and unethical conduct. He is a perfect example of basic flaws afflicting our judicial system and the total lack of any checks or balances on unethical conduct by members of the judiciary. Every now and then you will read about the disbarment or dismissal of a corrupt judge or member of the bar (on the state level), but they are only tokens (when there is no way out to perpetuate the myth of judicial ethics and/or accountability for the lack of moral ethical behavior. But, hey, I understand nobody wants to be held to the high standards required of the general public and who in their right mind would consider a judgeship (often lifetime job)


  2. knowdoubt says:

    if they were going to be held to the moral/ethical standards or accountability faced by the serfs (general public) in their daily activities, for crying out loud. Who could expect them to enforce the law if they weren’t above the law, just ask Scalia, Thomas, John Roberts, or Sam Alito. I wouldn’t trust these corrupt MoFos to care for my dog.


  3. RobGinChicago says:

    What’s particularly odious is that there are any number of wealthy “private” religious bigots and crazies who could and would gladly bankroll Boner’s and the departing Lundgren’s efforts to defend the indefensible DOMA laws, but if they can get away with the use public funds instead, they’re more than happy to do so.


  4. Bruce388 says:

    Mike Royko, quoting a Chicago alderman: “How does this conflict with my interest?