But let’s not talk about gun control

Yet another tragedy, senseless and brutal: 27 people gunned down in a Connecticut elementary school, 18 of them children.

UPDATE: The pundit on the phone (Clint Van Zandt) on NBC just said that “violence happens everywhere,” and then went on to say that someone used a knife in China to attack a school… “so it’s not about just guns, and it’s not just here.” Sweet Jeebus, what a moron.

Chuck Todd just weighed in that the Governor of Connecticut is a Democrat. Good to know.

Yup, White House says that today is not the day to debate gun control.

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16 Responses to But let’s not talk about gun control

  1. Bruce388 says:

    It’s been quite some time since the last drive-by stabbing.


  2. Axel grease says:

    It’s never a good time to talk about guns since the NRA runs the country.


  3. Canadian Observer says:

    Yes violence does happen everywhere it’s true but why do so many of these tragedies happen in a country where the right to bear arms is considered sacred? Time & time again American citizens are mowed down by some insane lunatic armed with weapons that are banned in other civilized nations. I realize that the NRA is a very powerful organization in the U.S., but how many more innocents will be sacrificed in order to uphold the 2nd. Amendment? I mourn for those who were killed today and for those who will die in future mass murders perpetrated by gun wielding psychopaths.


  4. Capt. Bat Guano says:

    To those insane POS’s that say it’s Not Time To Talk About Gun Control….FUCK YOU, you are done assholes, you had a good long run. It is time, right here and now to have a grown up conversation followed by strict restrictions to access.


  5. The China attack was just as deadly….Oh wait, NO IT WASN’T. Not a single person died in that attack.

    The difference? Guns.


  6. Mr DeBakey says:

    I see Reverend Fishman has been covering himself in glory again today.

    Sometimes I think that Asshole deserves some
    Second Amendment action on his ankles,
    a month or so later on his knees,
    one full moon later his elbows
    and so forth
    Just like Bible says.


  7. knowdoubt says:

    Well, the answer is MORE GUNS, I promise you, it won’t be anytime before a wingnut suggests the children should have been armed – you know with “smaller type arms” like 22 pistols or better yet concealed derringers which might help keep the teachers from getting out of line and teaching evolutionary doctrine or other evils.


  8. Some Techie says:

    Might we for a moment consider the presents that will not be opened by the kids whose names are already on the tags? Maybe consider the Christmas cards with suddenly outdated family pictures or signatures. How about the Christmas art projects left behind by the kids who were shot? Ever think about the third-grader who just had his/her best friend killed?

    Seriously, guys, you need to refocus your comments.


    • Tengrain says:

      Techie –

      Agreed, sort of.

      I’ve been depressed all day over this, and have had those thoughts, too; strangely I focused on where the presents are hidden and what will the parents do when they run across them in the years to come?

      But I still come back to the way we are drowning in gun violence in the US.




  9. I spent today splitting wood which was wavering in my sight through the tears.


    And at this very moment the defense of guns grows louder on the Netz, drowning out the sobbing of parents who died inside when their children didn’t come out of that school.


  10. …And while the specifics of this awful mass murder are basically IRRELEVANT to the debate over gun control in the U.S., I agree that today is not the day for that debate. Today we have a different kind of work to do, the work of grieving.

    TOMORROW is the day for that debate. Not sooner, not later. We’ve had seven such senseless mass murders this year, out of sixty-something over the last thirty.



  11. Another Kiwi says:

    Techie, even though I live in New Zealand I think that you have to do something about your gun culture, too many good Americans will be lost to massacres. And it is extremely painful to talk about now and will be for the forseeable future but I think that you need to do it, I think that the heartwrenching scenarios you talked about are the reason that you need to get started. It won’t be resolved anytime soon but doing the usual is not an option.


  12. Mr618 says:

    TG, Van Zandt also mentioned that there are about 20 mass murders per year… or one about every two-and-a-half weeks (give or take a day or two). Sadly, we have become so immune to the horrors of these situations that they don’t even make the news unless they’re particularly grusome. It used to be “if it bleeds, it leads;” now even that is passe.

    Tomorrow is the time for the discussion. But it needs to be one-sided… without the nutjobs.


  13. GRS says:

    Interesting NY Times article from 2000 on demographics of rampage killings. It doesn’t have answers, but it has numbers.

    As for the news circus around this story at the moment:


  14. Axel Grease says:

    trust me on this
    the ONLY thing that counts is when those ratings come out today and who had the most viewers……..
    the news directors at the local stations in Hartford and New York are more concerned about “did they beat ABC/CBS/Fox” etc
    than any affects of the stories

    and the “news consultants” (and every station has one) are sitting there telling the news directors what to do, who to talk to and what angle to cover the school as to ensure the biggest audience possible

    and i beg to disagree
    the discussion on guns needs to start 20 years ago 0 – but never will
    as much as politicians on the right are afraid of Rush
    ALL POLITICIANS are petrified of the NRA

    before the tv stations got their trucks to Newtown the NRA was issuing statements about how if guns were in the classrooms, the 6 year olds could have prevented this

    this kind of tragedy will is just collateral damage to the NRA. there will never be change – never. americans love their guns more than their kids, their money or the lives of any one. guns and the NRA is hate of the govt on steroids. it is the ultimate fuck you to the US govt – and it has complete justification in the minds of the guns-nuts in the 2nd amendment.

    this will never change – it hasnt in 200 years why should it now in this world of hyper govt-hating and uber-i got mine

    before all the ice melts in antarctica will will systematically blow ourselves away

    (sorry for being a downer)


  15. Dimitrios says:

    Thanks for the link, GRS, and I love “Art’s” response to the ABC newscritter.


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