Maggie Gallagher Admits Defeat?

Famous unwed mother and ethics-challenged founder of homophobic National Organization on Marriage sounds like she is throwing in the splash towel, so to speak:

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12 Responses to Maggie Gallagher Admits Defeat?

  1. Capt. Bat Guano says:

    Would I be out of line if I said that she has missed her true calling of being the Queen Fag Hag?


  2. Reamus says:

    Would I be out of line to suggest she has the brain of a a lizard and skin to match? The quote is confusing enough to make her sound like she has a real brain. Me thinks she does not.


  3. Bruce388 says:

    Is that our Maggie in the photo? She’s the one who spawned? Any theories as to how that occurred?


  4. willis says:

    Is this a photo from the scene with Princess Leia wearing a bikini – hot!


  5. Just noticed from that fab shot that Ms. Thing’s eyes aren’t symetrical. And that hair cut reminds me of the photo of the cat wearing the helmet made from a lime. How sad to be her.


  6. Randall says:

    Maggie and her ilk just don’t understand the concept of “FREEDOM” do they?


  7. tommyspoon says:

    She’s so pathetic I don’t have the heart to taunt her. She should just go away.


  8. RobGinChicago says:

    Is that the Jabba the Hutt tongue diet?


  9. Thanks Thunder and Ten. The resemblance is uncanny, although the cat is actually cute.


  10. Dimitrios says:

    That does kinda look like Jabba the Hutt, RobG, but only when the puppeteers are using crack.



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