I’ve got a little list

Death of the Media

The NYTimes is trying to cut costs, and so of course they are hitting the newsroom. You know, the people who create the content (“Product”) that their customers actually pay to read:

“Aiming to cut costs in an increasingly troubled advertising environment, The New York Times announced on Monday morning that it would offer buyout packages to newsroom employees. While the primary goal of the buyout program is to trim managers and other nonunion employees from its books, the company is offering employees represented by the Newspaper Guild the chance to volunteer for buyout packages as well.”

I can only respond with three little words: Brooks, Friedman, Douthat.

(Media Decoder)

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0 Responses to I’ve got a little list

  1. PissedinNYC says:

    Perhaps they can instead offer one or more of them to drug companies for experimentation? It would be their highest and best use.


  2. Dimitrios says:

    That kind of thinking would causes airplane developers to lower their plane’s weight by sawing a few feet off the end of each wing.


  3. Mr DeBakey says:

    “three little words: Brooks, Friedman, Douthat.”

    Ad Dowd for the Grand Slam!


  4. You nailed it, Ten. Can the Lying Gasbags and keep the reporters!



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