Sexism and the Single Wingnut

Hey guys, remember that book The Bell Curve that argued that black people are intellectually inferior to white people, and the author Charles Murray was pretty much reviled everywhere he went outside of Wingnuttia, and then more recently he wrote another racist theory book Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010? Me Neither! Well, anyway, he is now a “scholar” at the American Enterprise Institute (wingnut welfare emporium) and he is turning his critical and academic eye towards the wimmin-folk!

Now before you get worried, no, he is not claiming (yet) that wimmins are inferior to menses. But he read a synopsis of a study and from that he wrote a piece in which he claims that “benevolent sexism” might be “healthy.”

I want to repeat this: a paid academic at the AEI read an executive summary of a study (and not the study itself) and concluded that “benevolent sexism” might be “healthy.”

Take it away, Think Progress:

“Had he read the paper in question, and not just the abstract, he would have understood why: there’s a mountain of evidence cited by Connelly and Heesacker that “benevolent sexism” is extraordinarily harmful to women. As Connelly told ThinkProgress, “it’s pretty well documented that benevolent sexism is associated with negative outcomes for women.”


“There’s also evidence that “merely exposing women to benevolent sexism increased self-objectification” and that “women who read benevolently sexist comments performed worse on a cognitive task and reported increased feelings of incompetence and self-doubt.” So to answer Murray’s question: the authors conclude “benevolent sexism” is bad despite some positive side-effects because that’s what the evidence says. If he wants to challenge that consensus, he’s free to do it — but it would help if he actually weighed the evidence rather than speculating wildly about human nature.”

So, next time that Wingnuttia tells us that there is no War on Women, remember this: they just want to be gentlemanly to the delicate blossoms and keep them in their place. Just like blacks.

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0 Responses to Sexism and the Single Wingnut

  1. another kiwi says:

    This fool even quotes the last sentence of the abstract: Thus, our findings reinforce the dangerous nature of benevolent sexism and emphasize the need for interventions to reduce its prevalence.
    The abstract overall states that it makes woman and (surprise!) men feel better in when there is benevolent sexism even though they are in inequitable situations.
    FFS. Try this sort of thing at university Mr. Murray and see how you go, curse them and their fact checking.


  2. Now before you get worried, no, he is not claiming (yet) that wimmins are inferior to menses.

    Just wait until he releases The Belle Curve.


  3. Padre Mickey says:

    …that wimmins are inferior to menses. You too funny, man!


  4. …that wimmins are inferior to menses portends the Zappisms which are about to befall menses and wimminkind in the immediate futures.
    Frank would have had his way with Charles Murray. He never suffered assholes lightly.



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