Florida is winning the Crazee State Contest, Again

Sweet Jeebus! I didn’t think that they could out-do themselves, but Florida was up to the challenge:

Florida’s Department of Health is asking for intimate details of the sex lives of 4,100 young women, and offering $10 gift cards in return.

State officials said the unprecedented, $45,000 survey will help them understand women’s need for and approach to family-planning services.

Hundreds of women in South Florida were among the survey recipients, their names pulled from the white pages by a private company, state officials said. They were asked to voluntarily tell the state how many men they’d had sex with in the past year, whether a man had ever poked holes in a condom to get them pregnant, and how they felt emotionally when they last had unprotected sex.

Participants will get a $10 CVS card for use on health-related items.


Like a probing friend, the survey asks women ages 18 to 24 things like:

• How did you feel emotionally when you had unprotected sex — were you trying to get pregnant, were you in the “heat of the moment and just went with the flow,” or did you find the man attractive and “thought it would be nice to have a baby with him?” Did you feel “powerless”? Or was it that you “felt emotionally connected with your partner during sex”?

• How old were you when you first had sex? Last time you had sex with a man, did you do anything to keep from getting pregnant? If not, why not?

• Has a sexual partner ever “told you he would have a baby with someone else if you didn’t get pregnant?” “Physically forced you to have sex?” “Hurt you physically because you did not agree to get pregnant?”

• Are you depressed? Have you ever been physically abused? What’s your religion? Do you smoke? How much do you weigh?

Oh, my. Probing questions, indeed. “Whatcha wearing, sweetcheeks…” the strange voice over the phone did not ask, before taking another heavy breath.

(Sun Sentinel)

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0 Responses to Florida is winning the Crazee State Contest, Again

  1. Reamus says:

    Oh. my. God. Speechless is what I am, they are batshit crazy down there…I wonder how many surveys went to the Senior Center and early bird special folk? Gawd…


  2. Dimitrios says:

    “ … the state won’t … sell or give out their names or the data ….”

    But the fifteen-year-old hacker who easily breaches their security will publish everything — names, addresses and data — on the internet for lolz.


  3. B8ovin says:

    I would be willing to bet this is some Republican scam set up to make women look like entitlement whores and abusers of state and federal “family planning” resources. Given the timing with the right’s attacks on Planned Parenthood, the nature of the topic, “women’s sexuality”, and the recent confessions by high ranking Florida Republicans that the “Voter ID” and the push to limit early voting were, indeed, voter suppression efforts, this really makes me paranoid.


  4. TheKid says:

    I just hope they have a choice entitled “none of your f**king business”



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