The World’s Worst Writer® Went to the Movies

Jeebus, why did the concern troll go to the movies? And why to Skyfall?

The old sexist is upset that women have the hots for the young(er than Cohen) Bond, but the ending of his aging Lothario column is so classicly World’s Worst Writer® that I have to share it:

I know the movie market skews young and kids want action, and I take it as a good thing that Daniel Craig’s Bond is older, world weary, and, in sports lingo, has slowed a step. But he still triumphs physically, not cleverly. He does not woo women; they just come on to him. Still, I have great hope for him. In this movie, Bond’s drink is Macallan Scotch. It’s mine, too. The name is Cohen.

Richard Cohen.

Shorter Cohen: Hey hot young chicks, banging an old dude rocks!

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0 Responses to The World’s Worst Writer® Went to the Movies

  1. moeman says:

    Richard Cohen is a h007t.


  2. Reamus says:

    Yeah Cohen, having the same scotch in common will do it for you, you wilted old fart….


  3. Does anyone read this guy on purpose? I mean other than to laugh at him.


  4. Karla in FL says:

    Wow. That’s my preferred drink, too. Knowing that Cohen likes it makes me want to change. Eww.



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